Alfajiri Foundation: A building block for sustainable travel to Diani Beach

Giving Back

Alfajiri Villas was the natural extension of owners Fabrizio and Marica’s passion to share their magical Kenya encounter with the world. As their connection with this East African country deepened,  Alfajiri Foundation was founded to simultaneously secure sustainable travel practices to safeguard Diani’s cherished wildlife, landscapes and community. Along with a small conservation fee included in the accommodation rates at Alfajiri Villas, guests also have the opportunity to incorporate conservation experiences and community visits into their bespoke itineraries.

How Alfajiri Foundation works

Alfajiri Foundation partnered with a select few non-profit organizations in Diani Beach namely Diani Turtle Watch, REEFolution, Colobus Conservation and Germano Chincherini Foundation in support of protecting biodiversity and strengthening livelihoods in the local area. Hand-picked by our team, each organization plays a vital role in preserving the unique ecosystem that embodies Kenya. Each guest staying at Alfajiri Villas contributes to the Foundation with a donation of $10 per adult per night and $5 per child per night which is distributed to the foundations annually. Guests are welcome to make larger donations if they wish. Below, discover more about the organizations funded by Alfajiri Foundation.

Protecting Kenya’s Marine Life with Diani Turtle Watch

Home to Green and Hawksbill Turtles, Kenya’s South Coast was identified as a key area to conserve by Diani Turtle Watch in 2012. Today, the non-profit organization consists of a team of 14 conservationists monitoring the movements of the various turtle species over an impressive 31 miles of coastline from Waa to Funzi Island. The team is responsible for early morning beach inspections to spot stranded, injured, or nesting turtles and should it be necessary, to intervene accordingly.   

Based out of the Marine Education Centre within the Sands at Nomad Resort, Diani Turtle Watch is committed to educating and creating awareness on the importance of turtle conservation among the local communities and tourists. Visitors of all ages are welcome to participate in educational activities facilitated by the Marine Education Centre which is ideally located only 3.5 miles from Alfajiri Villas.

Should you want to visit the Centre to learn more about their conservation initiatives, feel free to get in touch with our team to book your visit.

Preserving the South Coast’s coral reefs with REEFolution

REEFolution is a joint venture between the Beach Management Unit of Mkwiro, the Pilli Pipa Diving Resort, and Firefly Ocean Camp. Together, they have restored over one mile of coral reef on the Kenyan coastline. With an estimated loss of 50% of the world’s coral reefs and 80% of the remaining reefs endangered, REEFolution has taken action to rehabilitate and preserve Kenya’s coral reefs with the implementation of four key strategies namely, Coral Rehabilitation, REEF Rangers, Research and Education.

Coral Rehabilitation is broken down into 4 phases which include coral gardening, artificial reef placement, coral planting on artificial reefs, and establishing marine protected areas on Kenya’s coastline. Each phase is crucial to restoring damaged or dying coral reefs.  

Involving the local community is pivotal in preserving Kenya’s coastline and REEF Rangers was the perfect solution to engage local members of the community. Developed by REEFolution, Reef Rangers is a 3-month program offered to community members that include practical diving skills (PADI Scuba Diving Courses) and marine ecology classes. Once qualified, they are offered a job position at a select REEFolution initiative.  

The third piece of the puzzle includes scientific research that provides proof of the preservation efforts, management, and restoration of coral reefs by REEFolution. Last but not least, REEF Rangers develop marine educational programs curated to raise awareness in local primary and secondary schools.

If you are interested to support REEFolution’s mission to protect Kenya’s underwater world, read more here.

Safeguarding children through the Germano Chincherini Foundation

Established at the will of Germano Chincherini in 2001, Germani Chincherini Foundation is dedicated to safeguarding children’s rights in Kenya, Italy, and Venezuela. Today, Chincherini Foundation runs a successful orphanage in Ukunda that is home to over 98 orphaned children from the local area. Set within a comfortable and secure family home complex, the Foundation houses, nurtures, and cares for children from troubled backgrounds from infancy to adulthood. Managed directly by the Foundation, the orphanage is a haven where children have the opportunity to be loved and to reach their full potential. 

Guests staying at Alfajiri Villas have the opportunity to visit the orphanage to get a broader insight into the Foundation’s day-to-day operations and to witness Chincherini’s legacy in action.

Protecting Kenya’s Primates with Colobus Conservation

Colobus Conservation was established in 1997 in response to the unusually high death rate of Angolan Colobus Monkeys on the Diani Beach road. This non-profit organization serves as a means to promote, preserve and protect Kenya’s primates and their coastal forest habitat. Through animal welfare, educational workshops, and collaborations with local communities and organizations, Colobus Conservation has made great leaps in protecting the primates with approximately 150 emergency animal welfare cases recorded annually.

The Colobus Centre offers the only Guided Primate Eco-Tours in Kenya and is rated as one of the best things to do in Diani Beach. The tour offers visitors a glimpse into the lives of the Colobus volunteers and the habituated troop of colobus monkeys who call the center home. Other primates that can be spotted in the coastal forest include the vervet monkey, sykes and baboons. 

Interested to book a Guided Eco-Tour at Colobus Conservation? Contact our trusted team to include this activity in your bespoke itinerary.